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Hyper Tuning USA is exporting American automotive parts to overseas countries via the Internet. Our method of advertising is web site based and we receive orders by e-mail or Fax. We don’t sell products in the domestic market.
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Autometer Shift-Lite tachometer The American made Auto Meter Shift-Lite tachometers, are known world wide for their high quality. You can see Auto Meter used through out the Japanese drag racing scene.
K&N K&N Air filter K&N Air filter uses an oil-impregnated cotton-gaze element, that provides high efficiency and low resistance to air flow, defying all other comparisons.
Brembo bolt-on caliper kits Brembo Evolution. Brembo racing technology that evolved into a street application. We provide of bolt-on caliper kits that use F40,F50 and Lotus Calipers.
B&M Newvolt B&M is an American brand that is famous in various racing scenes, especially drag racing users of automatic shifters, stick shifters and/or superchargers.



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